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Motivational find of the day! February 2, 2009

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Cruising through the blogs of some truly talented people (coz that’s what you do at 3:53 pm on a Monday, just trying to get it over with!) I came across this:

It’s never too late.
It’s never too late.
It’s never too late.
It’s never too late.

It’s from Mr. Bart Boehlert’s blog, who in turn quotes someone else. Just a happy accident that I stumbled on to his blog today and his latest post. More often than not when I am behind schedule in something, even something as simple as returning a phone call, and a little more than appropriate amount of time has passed (i.e. the person on the other end has pretty much sworn off me and assumed me dead for all practical purposes), then instead of acting like a sane person I procrastinate and then procrastinate some more, till I cringe at even the thought of taking care of what should already have been done. Well, obviously this has lead to me being in quite a few pickles 😛 and surprisingly (and may be logically) after every such situation, I find that confronting the problem always results in relief and less sleepless nights than avoiding it altogether.

Now anyone would think that after realizing as much I would be a wiser and better person, but may be because I am such a complex individual or just stupider than average (no prizes for guessing which one I believe :P) I find myself going through exactly the same grind each and every time i.e. anticipating the deadline while doing absolutely NOTHING about it, followed by frantically trying to meet the damn deadline, crossing the deadline and no where near done with my work, coming up with fantastic and plausible excuses! Then comes the part where I justify my lateness to myself to quell the guilt (e.g. at least I am not going around killing people, they are much worse than me…right?). Now I am at a point where I can’t enjoy anything I do, I stop going out, stop reading (that’s a punishment for me really!), stop showering (this not so much :P) and spend most of my waking hours (which are a lot) just wishing to disappear. These are also the days when I end up wishing I smoked, but then remember how nauseous the smell makes me and how expensive cigarettes are in the U.S. and how very very broke I am. I imagine this is what most people go through, on some level, on a daily basis. But I, honey, travel the same road for weeks and then months and again and again!

Yes yes I know I am going to end up alone, sipping cheap vodka, in a box somewhere, all the while believing that my flawed soul is still beautiful and interesting enough to be on Oprah. But until that day I’ll pull myself together, gather some courage and believe in the adage : It’s better late than never! Plus my Dad tells me that it’s going to be ok and that I am awesome 🙂




1. areason2write - February 3, 2009

I love your writing style and cannot wait to read more – so it’s better now than never!

deewane - February 3, 2009

Thank you! And let me confess, this is so not my first attempt at a blog, but the approach is totally different. Now I WANT people to read what I am writing about 😛 (also I think it’s the cheapest form of therapy ever!)

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