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Like ZOMG! June 18, 2009

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Like all my well intentioned ideas, the one of keeping the subject matter of this blog purely philosophical in nature (which would have then induced lively banter with the people from blogosphere regarding god, life and existential angst. Heh FUN!) is rapidly, and as we speak, going down the drain. First, because my father who was lovingly and misguidedly put into the tagline totally refuses to cooperate, and I mean like how?!? It is just writing, how hard can it be? Afterall I am doing it!

And secondly because with every second of each passing day I realize that how totally self-invovled and absorbed I am to even touch upon the topics involving anyone/anything else (even things as ambigious as the universe).

No no dear reader fear not, we are and will always strive to figure the world out because believe me when I say that it’s complicated out there. The only difference would be that those posts would often be punctuated by my rants of trying to drop a few pounds and my irresistible attraction and attachement to baking and all things cloyingly sweet and coated in chocolate (and quoting Frasier here “I can practically hear my left ventricle slamming shut as we speak”!) among other things.

Like take yesterday for instance. An absolutely beautiful day to do some strength training, may be run on the treadmill and work up a sweat or just plain stretch for a while. But since all behavior involving self-improvement would be highly out of character (and is infact genetically missing) so instead I bake! Brownies. The good part? I had a piece (oh who am I kidding I had 3) but then quickly froze the rest. No (major) harm done right? This is where your innocence makes me ache! Because it hasn’t been more than 5 days since I baked a cake(pear and coconut- odd I know) and a couple of days before that a banana bread and somewhere in between I made keylime cookies (I forget the exact date). That primarily was the reason of the hasty, cold and sad imprisonment of those brownies. Because I’d still like to live a couple years more!

Now you would say “But you are trying to LOSE weight you fool!” and you would be absolutely right and may be you’d also point out that “J’s parents will be here day after tomorrow so brownies aren’t exactly helping your cause” and you’d be, whaddya know, right again! But what can I say? Nothing That try try try again if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again; Then your courage should appear, for, if you will persevere, you will conquer, never fear; Try, try again!

Hope you are having a more sugar-less day than me 🙂

Edit: The fact that I am right now not trying to pry those chocolaty gooey pieces of absolute heaven out of that freezer (even though that’s all that I can think about) is almost testimony to my dedication to improve my health.



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