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Vitamin! July 2, 2009

Posted by deewane in Uncategorized.

I have been living under a rock!

How else do I explain my never even knowing about this, considering that Nirvana had the privilege of being the first band of which I bought an album with my hard-earned (o.k. hard-saved pocket) money and that the music of violinists with unpronounceable names (mostly of baroque era) are something of a guilty pleasure, of which not many people know?

I think it’s absolutely divine and was hooked as soon as I opened Christian Lacroix webpage. Oh, that’s how I stumbled on to this beauty, while lusting after a chiffon dress (it was this simple, gauzy creation with pencil-thin horizontal stripes in the softest red color you could imagine), exorbitantly priced, which I will never ever buy, but will still drool after like Pavlov’s dog, that’s what I wanted to check out and this started playing. I had to find out who this was by and search for a free downloadable mp3 somewhere (hey I may drop designer names like an heiress but I still am very cheap :P). This is Vitamin string quartet, comprised of, and quoting wikipedia here ” a rotating collective of Los Angeles musicians widely known for its tributes to cutting-edge rock acts”.

And as I blast this, full volume, at 1:17 AM (don’t panic, I have headphones on, something I have been doing since I was 14 (i.e. listening to music before going to bed), a habit which will definitely render me deaf in another 5 years) I am totally inspired to take up the violin!

Happy listening!

Edit: Also check out their tribute to Guns ‘n’ Roses’s November rain. One word- N-I-C-E!



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