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Lazy Sunday (Or writing about whatever the hell comes to mind) August 9, 2009

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Eating frosting straight out of the can with a fork, after a 39 hour fast can not possibly be a good idea. But I love (may be an illusion) how relatively flat my stomach feels.

I didn’t starve myself with the end purpose of having a flatter stomach, that was just a pleasant side effect! The starving happened because I have been planning to order some Indian food for the last 2 days (since my unassuming, simple and trusting brother gave me his credit card number for something important and true to nature now I want to misuse it [:D]) and as if right on cue, fall asleep early in the evening i.e. before ordering and wake up at 2:00 AM, inconveniently after the restaurant has closed down. Add to that the fact that I have practically nothing in my refrigerator, except for a couple of old, wrinkling apples (and the now history can of chocolate frosting which had about 3 whole tablespoons of the sweet stuff, charitably given to me by my neighbour when she moved out of the dorm), and about $3 in my bank, and that explains the 39 hour long fast. (Now I understand why any sane person would suggest that I borrow some money from family, since I can’t work (remember I am not American, am a student and don’t have the proper authority etc..), but the idea of doing the “asking” makes me all squeamish, so instead I often launch in to lores of my desperate situation till Dad gets a whiff of what I am hinting at and proceeds to ask me point blank, and then I go on to deny need of any money whatsoever. Before this I never knew I was so complicated!)

Mom is meanwhile making Dahi-bhalle back home and I hate her for having the motivation (besides the ingredients and resources)  to indulge in cooking that when her ONLY daughter is thousands of miles away from home pining for food, any food let alone the Indian kind.

I mean the craving was so intense that after googling images of kadhi I felt faint with longing and hunger (have I ever mentioned before that I haven’t been home in 3 years and last saw Mum about 2 years back and am still single? At this point I am ready to take any man who can follow instructions from a cook-book! I promise I’ll live to feed him if he lives to cook for me)

Since it’s only 11:00 in the morning and I have already dubbed the post (and the day) lazy, I think we can all sit back and relax and safely assume that nothing earth-shattering would be accomplished by moi today, like exercising may be!

But it’ll be completely dishonest of me if I were to lead you to believe that I am living a lifestyle equal to a health-nuts’ worst nightmare. Infact I have been quite disciplined about trying to meditate and trying to work out for atleast an hour everyday for the past several days. I have cut back drastically on carbs, sugar (err..well except for the frosting) and completely cut out milk, and milk only coz acne isn’t the hottest accessory someone can sport and I genuinely see a difference to deprive myself of something that I used to down like water. And can I just say that those Dole’s salad bags with the dressing (which I don’t like), nuts and all sorts of fun toppings in their own separate pouches are the greatest things ever! I never knew salad in a bag could be so much fun, those crunchy leaves and the dried pineapple chunks yummmmmmm, and let’s admit it, besides doing good things for general health it surely is also helping my body release endorphins by bucketful, how else do I explain the maniacal grin and the smugness my face contorts into while I am devouring the leaves, the almonds and the pineapple chunks along with the bag itself.

Now even though I had promised that today was going to be L-A-Z-Y, which for me translates in to spending the day short of peeing in a bag for fear of moving, I still have some agendas lined up for today, like spend some quality time trying to find a link streaming the latest bollywood release (do not judge, didn’t I already mention I have $3 in my account?)  and figure out what I want other than matar-paneer for dinner. Also ofcourse, keeping in the vein of my new and improved life I’ll again attempt to meditate for atleast 20 minutes. I never realized it’d be so damn hard. I mean I had known it would be hard but not hard for me, you know! I imagined all I’d have to do is sit cross-legged and will soon be floating away in the sea of enlightenment. Alas, once again my cockiness had mislead me about my own abilities. After spending the first two days of peeking at my watch at a regular interval of 2 seconds I have now graduated to keeping myself motionless for a total of 7 seconds at a stretch. Apart from the desire to develop a photographic memory (related to which a story Dad tells me often, the gist of which is that Swami Vivekananda when asked knew exactly the contents of page x of book n, and he credited the practise of meditation as the culprit!) another motivational force is based on hearsay, the attainment of perpetual bliss.

I believe with all my heart that we as human beings are complete in ourselves, capable and responsible for our own happiness, and while “other” things that usually keep a person busy throughout life like work, family, hobbies and charities etc. are all well and good but they may or may not form a part of everyone’s life. They may or may not keep you happy, they may or may not make you suffer. But the stillness of thought and mind that a person is promised through meditation (apart from the aforementioned perpetual bliss) supposed to help you sail through the tough times as easily as wading in a pool of noodles (Patch Adams 🙂 ) is just too attractive a prospect to not devote just a measly hour to in a day. I also realize that it also sounds just as good and kooky as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but the day someone, with the credibility of Gautam Buddha, says that there indeed is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow I would be on the next bus to Niagara Falls and the sure-shot rainbow that place has :).

So ummm…yeah , movie, dinner and 30 minutes peering at the watch out of the corner of my eye should take care of 4 of the 24 hours. Rest of the day I’ll sleep! Sounds like a good plan to me.



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